Sunday, August 17, 2014


This is coolbert:

Iraq fights back!! We hope so!!

1. "Iraq: Kurdish forces retake parts of largest dam"

IRBIL, Iraq — An Iraqi security official says Kurdish forces have taken over parts of the country’s largest dam, which was captured by the Islamic State extremist group earlier this month.

. . . .

"the Kurdish forces at the dam . . . now control the eastern part of the dam and that fighting is still underway.

2. "Iraqi Forces Take Back Ramadi"

"The deputy chief of Anbar’s Provincial Council said Iraqi forces are in control of Ramadi and most foreign fighters have retreated from their positions."

 “'According to information we have obtained, all non-Iraqi ISIS members that were fighting the Iraqi security forces have withdrawn from their bases, and have left Iraq through the Syrian border.'”

“'The city of Ramadi is under the control of the security forces and the situation is safe and calm.'”

3. "Iraq Sunni Tribes Take Up Arms against Jihadists"

"Members of more than 25 prominent Sunni tribes took up arms against jihadists and their allies west of the Iraqi capital on Friday, a tribal leader and officers said."

. . . .

"Anbar was the birthplace of a 2006 U.S.-backed uprising against extremist militants that helped bring about a sharp reduction in violence."

"The current effort could potentially be a major turning point in Iraq's two-month conflict against an IS-led offensive."

A MAJOR TURNING POINT? We wait with anticipation.


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