Thursday, August 14, 2014


This is coolbert:

From the Sheldon Adelson Internet news letter Israel Hayom an Israeli perspective on the renewed American military involvement in Iraq:

"The US message to the world on Iraq" by  Dr. Ronen A. Cohen.

"U.S. intervention by bombing pockets of ISIS resistance -- and only because those forces pose a threat to U.S. troops stationed near Irbil -- is seen through local eyes as merely symbolic and declarative, which instead of testifying to American strength and power reveals it as weak and dragged along into a fight that has not been its own for quite a while now. Its forced entry into Iraq in 2003 and its willing withdrawal were attempts by the U.S. to help the local population by creating a democratic reality in a country that was completely unfamiliar with the concept, but it laid the groundwork instead for forces which oppose democracy in the world general"

The resolve and staying-power of the American administration are lacking? Response to a crisis situation and management of same not adequate for a long-term solution. Creating a safe enclave for the Kurd and Yazidi laudable but WHAT THEN?


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