Monday, August 11, 2014


This is coolbert:

Yet more from Harry at Sharkhunters this time also thanks to MARCONI:

"some radio traffic on the Russian frequencies lately which is of interest. A couple of our monitors have picked up CW(Morse) transmissions which are of the XXX XXX nature . . . These have been heard on multiple frequencies known to be in use by Russian Armed Forces. These are the Russian equivalent of the USAF Force Direction or Emergency Action messages.

    "It's RDL, a high command strategic broadcast - to all four armed forces.  RDL is the message prefix, sent in clear. Obviously the rest is highly encrypted as are the USAF equivalent."

Increased Russian radio traffic of an encrypted nature. Radio traffic as suggest analogous to American Air Force Emergency Action Messages [EAM].

EAM normally associated and thought to be radio traffic directed to units on stand-by that have a SIOP mission. Single Integrated Operational Plan. Nuclear equipped units with a nuclear mission in time of war.


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