Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chief of Staff.

This is coolbert:

Achtung! A headline that is misleading!

"Achtung! German now in top U.S. Army position"

"In an unprecedented move, a German officer has been appointed to a key command post over the U.S. Army in Europe."

"German Brig. Gen. Markus Laubenthal, 51, became chief of staff last week, the first non-American officer to hold that position, the Army said."

This German officer appointed as Chief-of-Staff for the U.S. Army forces in Europe. USAREUR! NOT in actual command of American units.

There remaining as part of the NATO mission about 37,000 American army troops. Those soldiers having taken the oath of enlistment to obey the legal and lawful orders of those officers appointed over them.

NO conflict here with the oath of enlistment? That treaty creating NATO a part of American law, even a German national in the chain-of-command issuing an order to American soldiers legal and lawful?

Command and control of nuclear weapons STILL solely continuing as a prerogative of American commanders ONLY as you can well might imagine.


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