Saturday, August 23, 2014

John Churchill.

This is coolbert:

Does this surprise anyone. That most successful and greatest of all English soldiers John Churchill. Captain-General better known by his noble title of Duke of Marlborough.

Attributes of Churchill as a military commander to include:

1. "On the grand strategic level Marlborough had a rare grasp of the broad issues involved [able to see a] conflict in its entirety."

2. "As a commander Marlborough preferred battle over slow moving siege warfare. . . . a master at assessing his enemy's characteristics in battle. Marlborough was more likely to manoeuvre than his opponents, and was better at maintaining operational tempo at critical times"

3. "As an administrator Marlborough was also without peer; his attention to detail meant his troops rarely went short of supply – when his army arrived at its destination it was intact and in a fit state to fight."

Churchill too in the custom of being given broad discretionary powers appropriate for his rank and station beyond normal. The man was trusted to make the right decisions. Churchill allowed to function in his command role almost as a Caesar?

Among the Great Captains Churchill not normally listed as such by the military historians. This is in remiss, an inexcusable error?


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