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April Uprising.

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From that previous blog entry:

"The atrocity story! Lurid details of mass murder, rape, arson, pillage, as historically published by the 'yellow' press or tabloid journalism."

From, a much earlier time we another atrocity story:
The Bulgarian April Uprising. Bulgarian nationalists seeking independence from the Ottoman Empire. A rebellion suppressed and atrocity as committed and reported by that news media of the time, journalists on the scene using telegraph to file a story.

Details LURID and grotesque, much anger and hate directed toward the Ottoman.

"The April Uprising . . . was an insurrection organised by the Bulgarians in the Ottoman Empire from April to May 1876, which indirectly resulted in the re-establishment of Bulgaria in 1878. Тhe regular Ottoman Army and irregular bashi-bazouk units brutally suppressed the rebels"

"But let me tell you what we saw at Batak ... The number of children killed in these massacres is something enormous. They were often spitted on bayonets, and we have several stories from eye-witnesses who saw the little babes carried about the streets, both here and at Olluk-Kni, on the points of bayonets. The reason is simple. When a Mohammedan has killed a certain number of infidels he is sure of Paradise, no matter what his sins may be ... It was a heap of skulls, intermingled with bones from all parts of the human body, skeletons nearly entire and rotting, clothing, human hair and putrid flesh lying there in one foul heap, around which the grass was growing luxuriantly. It emitted a sickening odor, like that of a dead horse, and it was here that the dogs had been seeking a hasty repast when our untimely approach interrupted them ... The ground is covered here with skeletons, to which are clinging articles of clothing and bits of putrid flesh. The air was heavy, with a faint, sickening odor, that grows stronger as we advance. It is beginning to be horrible. —Eyewitness account of J. A. MacGahan"

Bashi-bazook those Turkish irregulars, persons released from prison with the sole intent of waging war against the Bulgarian, atrocity an integral part of the military campaign. Those bashi-bazook I might think too paid by whatever spoils they were able to obtain, murder, rape, arson, pillage not only tolerated but encouraged.


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