Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Poster.

This is coolbert:

"The Poster on the Wall".

So great among the Norwegian people was the sense of betrayal in the aftermath of World War Two that special directives, protocols, affirmations of duty were promulgated, all as a response to the activities of persons such as Vidkun Quisling.

"Directives for Military Officers and Ministry Officials upon an Attack of Norway"

"The Directives for Commissioned- and Non-commissioned officers and Military Commanders upon an Attack on Norway . . . The poster on the wall is a directive which sets out the duties for all Norwegian commanding officers and Ministry Officials during any attack on Norway"

The directives to include:

* "Take up arms and fight courageously against each and every enemy who attempts to invade and conquer Norway."

* "Know that once a mobilization order has been issued, it can not be recalled before each and every individual musters at his point of mobilization."

* "Know that all orders, even those issued in the King’s name or the ministry’s name, which countermand the mobilization are phony and shall not be complied with."

* "Recognize it is every man’s duty to resist, even though all may appear lost and others give up.
Resistance shall be continued both at home and abroad."

* "In the event of a partially successful or successful invasion, engage in both espionage and sabotage."

* "In the event of capture, provide no information to the enemy while a prisoner of war."

The Directive prominently displayed and understood by all. Keep up the fight no matter what, RESISTANCE IS NOT FUTILE!


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