Wednesday, August 13, 2014


This is coolbet:

Any danger from ISIL using MANPAD in response to American air strikes vastly exaggerated?

MANPAD: Man portable air defense.

"IS militants in Iraq [not using] air defense weapons against US aircraft yet — Pentagon"

"WASHINGTON, August 13. /ITAR-TASS/. Militants of the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq have so far used no air defense weapons against the US Air Force that delivers strikes on their positions, spokesman for the US Department of Defense said on Tuesday."

"the US command was carefully monitoring the air defense weapons use threat and doing everything to reduce it. At this point, such attacks by the militants have not been recorded."

"The Pentagon official disproved media reports, alleging that the terrorists are armed with the American-made short-range man-portable air defense systems (MANPAD) that they seized from the Iraqi government forces. The spokesman said Americans had never supplied such weapons to the Iraqi security forces."

ISIL has NOT captured Stinger air defense pea-shooter missiles?

So it was previously reported erroneously?

HOPE and pray that it is so!!


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