Friday, August 8, 2014


This is coolbert:

From a comment to the blog by Steiner:

"Steiner said... Almost ten years on and with billions of dollars in assistance and all the Iraqis are qualified to deploy is this glorified light transport?"

And how many exactly of these AC-208 do the Iraqi have in their inventory? And even if a dozen aircraft on-hand, consider that the actual number of planes able to fly in combat not even that many.

As in a conversation with an acknowledged aviation expert expect those numbers of warplanes NEVER as many as you might expect airborne and combat ready.

From a dozen or so [assuming that number is correct], probably less than half at any given moment available for combat missions.

"That's an all out push, assuming no maintenance required, no planned overhauls, etc. Can't expect that to last beyond a couple of days."

"An 'in service' rate of about 50% is considered 'good' for many units (some in service rates are as low as 25%), so out of the dozen you mentioned, having six available for a big push like you describe would be normal: 2 in the air, 2 returning to base, 2 refueling and re-arming. The rest being inspected, repaired, routine maintenance, being overhauled, back at depot for upgrade, flat tire, etc."

Each AC-208 only carrying a pair of Hellfire. That amount of firepower for close-air-support less than adequate. Appreciated and thank you but too little to make a difference.


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