Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This is coolbert:

Ghouta that Syrian chemical munitions attack. More on ISIL chemical warfare capability.

"One Year After Ghouta, Could ISIS Emerge as a New Chemical Threat? "

"The Sunni militant group has taken radioactive isotopes from Mosul University, and controls a small amount of Saddam Hussein's leftover chemical material in al-Muthanna."

. . . .

According to the expert De Bretton Gordon:

"De Bretton Gordon: ISIS is currently in control of a stockpile in two bunkers at the old Iraqi army barracks at al-Muthanna, about 45 miles from Baghdad. It contains remnants of Saddam Hussein's stock – a couple thousand tons of chemical weapons. The only nerve agent there would be useless by now, but there's a mustard gas that would still be viable. They have yet to break the bunkers open. They've also stolen radioactive isotopes from Mosul University in the last few weeks, and while they couldn't make a chemical agent out of them, they could certainly use them to make dirty bombs."

Chemical munitions even when in a relatively inert and decaying state still containing hazardous chemicals very toxic.

The mere mention of chemical or radiological weaponry enough to cause panic, chaos, terror. "The purpose of terror is to terrorize!" - - V. I. Lenin.


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