Saturday, August 23, 2014


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From the Daily Mail Online we have an interesting article regarding the World War Two mass prison escape, Cowra, Australia.

As has been the subject of several previous blog entries here and here.

Those Japanese POW [prisoner of war] not only desiring escape but also wanting to DIE IN THE PROCESS! Expiate and atone for their guilt at being captured by dying a honorable death according to the rules and beliefs of bushido! Way of warrior.

"The Japanese soldiers who risked death to break out of prison: Historic photos capture the biggest prisoner escape attempt during WWII at a regional Australian war camp"

• "More than 1,000 Japanese men stormed barbed wire fences at Cowra prisoner of war camp in central NSW on August 5, 1944"
• "Infamous breakout sparked a 10-day manhunt after 359 prisoners escaped"
• "The death toll reached 231 in the days following the escape attempt"
• "A Japanese man who took part in the breakout returned to NSW for the 70th anniversary held in Cowra earlier this month"

American style baseball bats and baseball gloves, evidently home-made, an integral element of the escape attempt. See for yourself.


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