Wednesday, August 6, 2014


This is coolbert:

Once more we have a report, the Iraqi central government attempting an emergency procurement, superior military hardware to counter the ISIL threat.

"Iraq Eyes Czech Mi-24 helos To Combat ISIL Militants"

"WARSAW — Czech Defense Minister Martin Stropnicky has announced the Czech Republic is in talks to sell Russian-built Mil Mi-24 helicopters to the Iraqi Defense Ministry."

. . . .

"Currently, the Czech Air Force operates 17 Mi-24 helos. Of these, seven aircraft could be sold to the Iraqi government, according to Czech ministry officials." 

Heavily armed and armored Soviet era Mi-24 gunships. BUT NOT ABLE TO FIRE A HELLFIRE!

Does employ the AT-6 Spiral missile. Reputed to be roughly equivalent to the American Hellfire.

Seven choppers will do the job? This is all going to take some time too. First you have to disassemble. Then pack for shipment. Then ship. Then reassemble. And hope you have pilots to fly in combat and technicians to maintain.

Admittedly so the Mi-24 can do the job. Use cannon, fire rockets and missiles, even drop bombs and ferry troops. A workhorse with a good reputation.

This is also going to be a package-deal what they call it. NOT ONLY the choppers but the entire impedimenta to go with it?

Personally I am doubtful. Again, this all reinforcing failure!


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