Saturday, August 16, 2014


This is coolbert:

The Mosul Dam as having been captured by the ISIL insurgents, it being imperative, almost an absolute MUST that the dam be restored to friendly hands. AND PRONTO!

"Report: U.S. airstrikes carried out as part of Iraqi effort to retake Mosul Dam"

"U.S. warplanes carried out airstrikes in northern Iraq near ISIS-controlled Mosul Dam early Saturday morning" [16 August]

"CNN confirmed that a U.S. and Iraqi military operation aimed at retaking the country's largest hydroelectric dam from the so-called Islamic State was scheduled to begin early Saturday morning [16 August] (Friday at 6 p.m. ET)."

"The operation was to begin with U.S. and Iraqi airstrikes against ISIS positions, with Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmerga forces following up on the ground."

"U.S. fighter jets began carrying out the strikes early Saturday morning local time" [16 August]

This can and MUST go well. Imperative!


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