Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This is coolbert:

Yet one more Iraqi ethnic group threatened by the onslaught of ISIL.

The Shabak people. Until only today, had never heard of them. You the devoted reader to the blog also?

"IS threatens Iraq's minority Shabak community"

"The Shabak people are an ethnoreligious group who live mainly in the villages of . . . Nineveh Province in northern Iraq. They speak Shabaki, a Northwestern Iranian language . . . About 70 percent of Shabaks are Shi'a and the rest are Sunni"

"Shabak religious beliefs contain elements from Islam and Christianity. There is a close affinity between the Shabak and the Yazidis; for example, Shabaks perform pilgrimage to Yazidi shrines.
Shabaks combine elements of Sufism with their own interpretation of divine reality, which according to them, is more advanced than the literal interpretation of Qur'an known as Sharia".

Shabak predominantly Shia AND have an affinity for and collegiality with the Yazidi people! Thus doubly damned by ISIL.


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Anonymous said...

I think this is one for your blog!

Yugoslavia was the only country that had at the same time defense plans against a possible conflict with NATO and the WARSAW pact. While Yugoslavia was a socialist republic, it wasn't liberated by the Soviet army in World War 2 and the Tito-Stalin split (which resulted in Yugoslavia's expulsion from the Communist Information Bureau) happened way before the Warsaw defense treaty was signed.

From a NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL paper on that matter:

"Prior to the 1968 Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia thought that Western imperialism was the threat which the military would have to defend against. The defense doctrine was reoriented, however, to a defense from all points when evidence showed the possibility of Yugoslavia being attacked from the east. The Yugoslavs now consider a blitzkrieg attack by either superpower as the major threat to their defense, and it is against just such an attack that Yugoslavia has prepared.

This strategy assumes that the Warsaw Pact will not tolerate a Western intervention of Yugoslavia, nor will NATO stand idle and permit a Soviet invasion."

Yugoslavia was the southern-most route through the East to attack NATO so it was of special strategic importance for both sides.

In case you turn this into a blog-post, a picture to accompany it:
Yugoslav People’s Army military parade