Friday, August 29, 2014

Fast Track.

This is coolbert:

From the Sheldon Adelson news letter "Israel Hayom" we have a description of the:

 T O P S E C R E T Israeli high school:

"Israel's top-secret high school"

"The Atid high school at the Dimona nuclear reactor trains select students in professions needed in Israel's industrial sector. They can't divulge any details about their studies, but say it's worth it to be fast-tracked into in-demand professions."

"The parents of students at the technological high school at Israel's Nuclear Research Center-Negev in Dimona have never seen where their children study. The parents aren't allowed to visit, and the kids aren't allowed to tell them anything. Every morning, the children check their cellular phones on their way to another day at Israel's top-secret high school."

Negev, Dimona, Israel.

Opacity but not necessarily ambiguity. OH PLEASE!

When speaking of "in-demand" and "industrial sector" we are speaking of those processes involved with atomic munitions. Without question?

Subjects taught to include I am sure physics [atomic bomb related], fabrication of materials [atomic bomb related], chemical processes [atomic bomb related], electronics design [atomic bomb related]. Etc.

Anyone disagree with this? To be honest I am actually amazed such an article was allowed to be published. I understand Sheldon is the sixth richest man in the world but for even a person such as Mr. Adelson the Israeli normally iron-clad policy of opacity with ambiguity applies 100 %!


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