Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Su-25 "Rook".

This is coolbert:

Nothing further heard of those Su-25 Frogfoot "Rook" Soviet era ground attack aircraft as delivered to the Iraqi.

The intention was for the Rooks to offer close-air-support [CAS] to the Iraqi Army in their battle with the ISIL insurgents.

If so, no reports of the Rooks in combat yet.

Rook not able to fire a missile in combat comparable to the American Hellfire.

Does have a capacity to use in combat a variety of air-to-surface [ASM] missiles. A stand-off capability in addition to traditional and conventional cannon and rocket fire. ASM allowing the Rooks to avoid MANPAD as might be employed by ISIL combatants.

Those ASM to include:

1. "The Zvezda Kh-66 and Kh-23 (NATO: AS-7 'Kerry')"

2. "The Kh-25/Kh-25M (NATO: AS-10 'Karen')

3. "The Kh-29 (NATO: AS-14 'Kedge')"

These are some MAJOR ASM missiles that provide a big bang not confined to the anti-tank mission as is Hellfire.

Those Rooks to be flown by Iranian pilots and maintained by Russian personnel? And who exactly will be doing the coordination for CAS so as the weaponry is on target?


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