Thursday, August 7, 2014


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That ISIL offensive against the Kurdish region of Iraq continues.

Religious minorities in the region in addition to the Yazid also in flight.

1. "Islamic State fighters extend gains in north Iraq"

"Islamic State militants extended their gains in northern Iraq on Thursday, seizing more towns and strengthening a foothold near the Kurdish region . . . the Sunni militants inflicted a humiliating defeat on Kurdish forces in a weekend sweep in the north."

2. "Thousands of Iraqis Flee as Militants Seize ‘Christian Capital’"

"Thousands of Iraqi Christians are fleeing after Islamic State militants seized the minority’s biggest town in Iraq, according to reports. The Islamic State, formerly ISIS, captured Qaraqosh in Nineveh province overnight after Kurdish forces withdrew from the town."

3. "Islamic State pulls down church crosses in northern Iraq as 200,000 flee"

"Islamic State jihadists who took over large areas of northern Iraq overnight have forced thousands of Christians to flee and occupied churches, removing crosses and destroying manuscripts . . .  '(The Christians) have fled with nothing but their clothes, some of them on foot, to reach the Kurdistan region,'”

"The purpose of terror is to terrorize" - - V. I. Lenin. And that terror as engendered by ISIL working to the advantage of Caliph Ibrahim. A chain reaction of events being set into motion the future of which cannot be predicted.


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