Thursday, June 9, 2022


This is coolbert:

To war with yak! Mechanical robot yak?

YES, but can you eat them?

"Forget robot dogs! Chinese military develops an enormous robotic YAK that is strong enough to carry up to 352 pounds [160 kg.] and can sprint at 6mph [10 kph]"

Robot version of the yak pack animal of the high Himalaya. From the English tabloid "Daily Mail".

* "The robot has been designed and developed for use by the Chinese military" * "It will act as a packhorse, working alongside soldiers in very difficult terrain" * "Experts predict it could be sent into areas humans can't safely walk or drive"


"It can even walk diagonally, jump and sprint as required."

"Analysts say it will be ideal for crossing dangerous and complex terrain, including forests, snowfields, deserts and mountains."

"It comes with a suit of sensors to give it full situational awareness, and operates similar to a reconnaissance drone, but on the ground."

GO SEE the various images and embedded video. The yak robot appears to be somewhat ungainly. And if the yak robot falls and turns over? Like a turtle that cannot right itself? Counter the yak robot with tripping wire and snares? A terrain strewn with boulders the size of grapefruit too would be an impediment.


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