Sunday, June 5, 2022


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Who' afraid of the big wolf. The German? If not afraid, at least apprehensive.

See my most recent blog entry with many additional embedded line the German military situation and future.

"Russia says Germany is risking European security by 'remilitarizing'"

From original story by Reuters June 3, 2022.

"(Reuters) -Russia on Friday accused Germany of throwing European security into imbalance by "remilitarizing", as Berlin moves to boost its military spending in response to Moscow's invasion of Ukraine."

"In comments published in German newspapers this week, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Berlin would soon have the largest conventional army of NATO's European members."



"Scholz pledged in February to sharply increase defense spending and inject 100 billion euros ($107.39 billion) into Germany's armed forces, marking a major policy shift for the military after decades of attrition following the end of the Cold War. Lawmakers were expected to vote on the spending plan on Friday."

German needs to rearm and quick time pronto. Such is now the perspective. Thirty years of neglect and the German armed forces in a sorry state of preparedness. Much time and money to replace merely what recently given to the Ukrainian from stockpiled munitions. Much more time and money needed to increase manpower and develop and REARM as needs to be done. Ground/naval/air. AND a continued process as agreed policy regardless if the political administration changes!

Now, where is a Steinhoff or a Rommel?


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