Sunday, June 19, 2022


This is coolbert:

Russian big time egg on face! Quickly pointed out and corrected.

"have egg on (one's) face: To be suffering embarrassment as a result of some public failure or faux pas."

"'What a splendid mural has appeared in Gadzhievo,' regional Governor Andrei Chibis exclaims after painters hastily redesigned the house wall in the Northern Fleet base.

Story from "The Independent Barents Obeserver" | By Atle Staalesen June 17, 2022.

"It has been a busy week for muralists Natalya Popova and Sergei Beresnev. Only few days ago, the two artists completed a large wall painting in Gadzhievo, the closed military town that houses Russia’s new submarines."

"The mural depicted a submarine sailing in surface position surrounded by stormy waves and clouds. The picture had won an online design competition conducted by local authorities."

"The only problem was that the submarine was not Russian, but American. The mural displayed a U.S submarine, probably of the Los Angeles-class, a kind of sub that frequently hunts Russian  vessels in the Barents Sea only few kilometers off the coast from Gadzhievo."

Los Angeles class American submarine as depicted replaced by a Soviet/Russian Delta class missile firing boat. Situation remedied.

Faux pas indeed! I hope Natalya and Sergei not off to the Gulag.


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