Thursday, June 16, 2022


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Measures both ACTIVE and PASSIVE! Insurgency the Ukraine Conflict.

Guerra de la pulga Ukraine. He who fights a small war.

"Russia's growing Ukraine occupation partisan resistance problem"

From and the story by Peter Weber, Senior editor. June 14, 2022.

WE have not YET begun to fight?

Ukrainian partisans have made ready. Now they go into action. Gladio the Ukraine?

"Russia is making slow, bloody progress in its campaign to capture Ukraine's eastern Donbas region. But Moscow's invasion of Ukraine was not popular in the country, and even many previously pro-Kremlin Ukrainians are outraged to see Russian forces and their allies flatten entire cities and commit war crimes against other Ukrainians."

"In the areas of Ukraine that Russia has captured, violent and nonviolent resistance has blossomed. Here's what you need to know about Ukraine's partisan resistance and their guerrilla insurgency"

Measures both active [violence] and passive [refusing to obey whatever command of the Russian occupation authority soup to nuts].

The secret services of the Ukrainian have made preparations well in advance for such an eventuality? Partisan units organized and ready to go. Train, armed, equipped. NATO Gladio stay-behind style.

For those of you interested see the Swiss guide to insurgency and underground resistance to an occupying military force:

"Total Resistance: Swiss Army Guide to Guerrilla Warfare and Underground Operations"


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