Sunday, June 12, 2022


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If humans were to disappear tomorrow, what would the world look like?

In some places you can see it now?

"The wildlife haven in a Cold War ‘death strip’"

YET one more story, the  world minus humans as can be glimpsed the result of military confrontation.

From the story By Sophie Hardach 22nd August 2019.

"For decades they represented a no-go zone for people, but the walls and fences that divided Europe during the Cold War have left a surprising legacy."

"Rare birds sing in the shadow of old East German watchtowers. Wild reindeer roam the borderland between Finland and Russia. Lynxes slip past Communist bunkers in the mountains of Albania and North Macedonia. All over Europe, endangered species are finding an unlikely home on land where the former Iron Curtain divided the region during the Cold War."

Those border NO MAN'S land in-between no ordinary human activity allowed for many decades. And continues because of barriers and land-mines.

"But in this region where no humans could tread, plants and animals thrived."

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