Tuesday, June 14, 2022


This is coolbert:

NAMMO in action. Norwegian arms manufacture, high quality product and  innovative.

Much having been made of the Ukraine Conflict the Russian artillery-centric army.

More artillery of larger size and can OUTRANGE the artillery of the NATO nations. As to ACCURACY of the Russian artillery-centric army I just cannot say. RANGE of itself not good enough. You want ACCURACY with RANGE.

Russian artillery to be clear at least in the Soviet model includes rocket artillery, conventional tube artillery pieces and mortars of 120 mm and greater bore.

NAMMO has the answer? See the You Tube video:

"Ever since World War 1, artillery range has basically been at a standstill. Nammo's new 155mm ramjet shells will change that fundamentally. After more than 150 successful motor tests, we are ready to go to the next phase: operational product testing."

High-velocity round as fired by an artillery piece capable of ramjet propulsion. NO steer-able round like USA Excaliber? You must not only equal the range of the Russia artillery but exceed and with some plus to the distance. That is the ideal.

And I imagine going to be costly for each ramjet round fired. Additionally hopefully the ramjet shell will be compatible with existing 155 mm artillery of the NATO nations.


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