Tuesday, June 7, 2022


This is coolbert:

"'An unidentified aerial vehicle (drone) dropped two explosive devices, presumably RGD-5 grenades, at vehicle park of Transnistrian peacekeeping contingent reserve unit near the settlement of Vladimirovka. No injuries or damages were sustained,'" 

Drone attack Transnistria. Culprits their identify still unknown.

From the Russian controlled [?] Internet web site TASS.,

"Transnistrian investigators report sabotage against peacekeepers"

CHISINAU, June 6. /TASS/. The tip from Jax.

"On May 25, Transnistrian authorities lowered the terror threat level from red to yellow"

Reduced terror level!

"The Investigative Committee of Transnistria reported a sabotage, carried out in peacekeeping contingent deployment location."

My comments:

* What peacekeeping contingent? 1,500 Russian troops permanently stationed Transnistria [east bank of the Dneister] Moldova.

* My initial response was that this drone was Ukrainian dropping a shaped charge. NO! RGD-5 a conventional Soviet era hand grenade and not a shaped charge anti-armor grenade.

* Read further those peacekeepers their mission strictly [?] the guarding of the Cobasna ammunition depot. ONLY two kilometers [about three and one-half miles] from the Ukrainian border. Prepare yourself for a mighty bang if that depot goes.

More to follow!


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