Friday, June 17, 2022


This is coolbert:

Doctor Mengele would be proud and give a nod of approval with a smile!

Think in addition to "secret" bioweapon laboratories Ukraine there are in also child organ transplant donor facilities? Sinister activity? A for-profit business? Damned Ukrainian neo-Nazi elements active and busy in all sorts of shenanigans? An aspect of the Ukraine Conflict that makes for very anti-Ukrainian propaganda?

"Ukrainian Red Cross accused of involvement in harvesting children’s organs"

BY KEVIN HUGHES // 2022-06-14 via "Natural News".

 "The Russian Investigative Committee is looking into allegations that the Ukrainian Red Cross Society is keeping records of children with 'healthy organs' in the city of Mariupol. This is significant because armed conflicts and illegal human organ trade often go hand in hand. Military actions are not just about solving geopolitical issues and profiting off the arms trafficking . . . [the] Ukrainian Red Cross has medical records for over 1,000 children, marking their 'healthy organs' instead of any medical conditions or procedures . . . New Eastern Outlook reported last March that organ buyer-ups and black-market transplant surgeons have long become common elements of the military landscape, much like mercenaries."

Read the rest of the article. 

See also as referenced from the Internet web site "New Eastern Outlook" yet one more article the stealing of internal organs for transplants.

"a lung costs $170 thousand, a kidney $60 thousand, a heart $150 thousand, a liver $120 thousand, a pancreas $150 thousand, a cornea $30 thousand…"

The nexus neo-Nazi elements, Ukraine, Israeli Jewish doctors. So as alleged. The infamous Blood Libel modern version!!


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