Wednesday, June 1, 2022


This is coolbert:

Consider this to be a surprise? HIMARS now going to Ukraine.

Advanced rocket artillery system with stupendous range and accuracy on the way!

See my previous blog entry.

"US sending advanced rocket systems to Ukraine"

Courtesy the tip from Freeper.

The Hill ^ | 05/31/22 | | BY JORDAN WILLIAMS.

"The Biden administration will send long-range rocket systems as part of a $700 million weapons package to Ukraine, senior administration officials told reporters on Tuesday night. The new package is set to include High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) and munitions to allow Ukrainians to more precisely strike targets from a greater distance inside Ukraine, the officials said. The official added that the systems would be used to repel Russian systems; they would not be used inside Russian territory"

My appreciation is that in a DESPERATE situation the Ukrainian might very well feel compelled and even JUSTIFIED to use HIMARS outside of Ukrainian territory. USE in a way to target military targets in Russia proper. No MATTER what sort of understanding has been established between DC and Kiev.


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