Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Stridsvagn 103.

This is coolbert:

Stridsvagn 103. Innovative tank design with some impressive features BUT never combat tested.

"After World War 2, several nations across the globe were ready to modernize their armies and embrace a new generation of warfare technology, and the Royal Swedish Army was no exception."

"In the mid-1950s, the Swedish prepared to replace their highly successful Centurion tanks with a new tank that would be like nothing the world had seen before. Their plan was to build the first tank in history to use a turbine engine instead of a conventional piston diesel engine, ensuring that the vehicle’s power and speeds were superior to most existing tanks."

See the You Tube video:


* Swedish experts eschewing the turret as found on conventional tanks. The low-profile of the 103 meaning  less chance of being successfully engaged by an enemy tank.

* 103 the mission predominantly in a defensive role. Swedish military in that regard can design military gear across the board in a specialized manner to specific conditions and maximize performance.

* All 103 removed from service without ever having seen combat. Replaced with a turreted tank!


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