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From the Internet web site of Commander Salamander May 25, 2022 and thanks to the Commander.

"How Do You Work With the Russians at the Negotiating Table and Post-Conflict?"



"Regulars here know my [Salamander] affection for Estonia and the Estonian people. As such, let’s check in with their superb Prime Minister Kaja Kallas"

"I [Kallas] warned about premature calls for a ceasefire and peace. We cannot give anything to the aggressor that it didn’t have before – or the aggression will sooner or later return. No sign Russia has changed its calculus. I don't believe in goodwill by an outright aggressor and a cold-blooded war criminal.

We must avoid a bad peace. A badly negotiated peace for Ukraine would mean a bad peace for us all. We need to focus on pushing back the aggressor and drying up his war machine. 

What Ukraine needs today are weapons to fight back the aggressor and liberate its territories. We need to help Ukraine win. And we need to make a leap forward in our own defense.

What is victory? This is solely up to Ukraine to define. But we must help them to reach the best position for any negotiations with the aggressor.

The Russian threat will not go away tomorrow. We mustn't get tired. After all, Ukrainians are not tired."

Negotiations from my perspective depend on whether the Russian is interested in: 1. A maximalist conclusion to the Ukraine Conflict. 2. A minimalist conclusion to the Ukraine Conflict.  # 1 a total surrender of the Ukrainian military followed by a puppet government installed in Kiev. Kiev from that time forward beholden and obedient to Moscow in all regards.  # 2 as understood the "cleansing" of Luhansk and Donetsk of all neo-Nazi elements the two "republics" free and independent of rule by Kiev in perpetuity [however disagreeable that idea is to the Ukrainian].

Number # two perhaps the most likely end to the war? Or at least to the formal combat. Both sides weary and having expended so much gear and manpower both will be tempted to call a halt in place, adopt the trench-warfare style standoff as has persisted for the previous seven years.

The Winter War of 1940 between the Finn and Soviet offers a model and template for a negotiated settlement of the war? That is the best I can think of.


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