Sunday, June 19, 2022


This is coolbert:

As it was in the Winter War of 1940 so will it be too in the Ukraine Conflict 2022?

A negotiated settlement preceded by a truce and cease-fire?

Ukraine alone should decide whether or not to accept any territorial concessions towards Russia with a view to ending the war.”  

As reported by DEBKAfile dated  Jun 17, 2022. [portions as extracted more or less in entirety]

"Western voices press quietly to end Ukraine war. Ceding territory to Moscow unavoidable"

"President Joe Biden’s decision this week to grant Ukraine another billion-dollar package for its war effort against Russia did not preclude questions in Washington and from its allies as to how long this war can go on. Washington has advanced a total of $5.6bn to Kyev since the Russian invasion of Feb. 24. The administration is currently up against 8.5pc inflation in America and other domestic challenges. Russia, for its part, has sold oil to the West worth $97 bn, enough to bankroll its Ukraine war and draw the sting of sanctions from its economy. By the end of the year, Moscow will have netted $285 bn from its energy sales compared with $236 bn in 2021."

"The West has meanwhile slowed down deliveries of advanced weaponry, the Ukrainian army has begun complaining. Western military sources note that the fighting forces’ capacity to absorb the newfangled weaponry is declining along, tragically, with their numbers."

"As the cost of the war becomes increasingly exorbitant, more and more voices are being raised in Western capitals calling for a roadmap to a solution of the Ukraine war." 

Ukrainian position now untenable. Domestic concerns of the NATO allies also great. Supplies of vital Russian energy [natural gas & oil] to Europe in jeopardy. 

A negotiated settlement after a cease-fire with give-and-take inevitable?

I imagine a truce and negotiations in the manner of those that ended the Korean War will commence. Cease-fire line where the troops of the opposing sides presently in contact with one another.

Sporadic fighting sometimes of an intense nature continuing but a final solution in the favor of the Russian with MINIMALIST goals of Moscow and Vlad realized. Ukraine will lose Donbass and Luhansk regrettably so!


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