Saturday, June 11, 2022


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As extracted from the story.

Russian goals in the Ukraine were maximalist! This seems to indicate so. The entire nation of Ukraine was to be occupied by the Russian military and a puppet government totally subservient to Moscow installed.

"Scores of New Soviet-Style Passports Found in Ukraine"

By Mykhailo Bondarenko  |  10 June 2022.

"Russia had planned to establish a puppet administration in Kyiv, stage a pseudo-referendum to declare the creation of a new 'republic' and distribute Soviet-era passports, a new report indicates."

FRAUDLENT voters able to produce a valid [?] Russian passport and vote in sham elections to be held after Russian military maximalist conquest of Ukraine.

"Blank passports with CCCP (an abbreviation for Russia) in gold leaf lettering stamped on red passports were discovered by Ukraine's Security Services in an abandoned house in Makariv of the Bucha district that Russia used as a makeshift storage facility."

This does follow a pattern that also existed during the Cold War. Soviet/Warsaw Pact nations their planning so meticulous as to include:

* "East Germany had a stockpile of victory medals made." *"a stock of pre-manufactured road signs . . . in Cyrillic [Russian alphabet] for West German towns/cities."


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