Thursday, June 9, 2022


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From National Public Radio "Heard on All Things" Considered   ELEANOR BEARDSLEY June 6, 2022.

"An ex-member of one of the world's most dangerous mercenary groups has gone public"

"PARIS — Marat Gabidullin's face is lined from years of exposure to the elements, and his hair is thinning. But at 56, he has the trim physique and muscular arms of a man 30 years younger. He wears a chunky ring bearing the image of a skull."

"The skull is the symbol of the Wagner Group — a private Russian mercenary force believed to be financed by an oligarch with close ties to President Vladimir Putin. The group is fighting alongside the Russian army in Ukraine's eastern Donbas region. And it's widely believed that at least some of the 'little green men' — well-trained fighters who wore fatigues without insignia or markings — who took over part of eastern Ukraine in 2014 were Wagner Group soldiers."

Wagner not as other private military contractors [PMC]. Wagner they missions not limited strictly to combat action. Consider other "activities" to include:

"The first type of activity is, of course, mercenary and the security business," he says. "The second type is the disinformation business and information warfare, and the third is the exploitation of natural resources in Africa."

Wagner recently active in Africa but their actions not so successful. They just left and quit the fight and rather abruptly.


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