Wednesday, June 15, 2022


This is coolbert:

As goes Sievierdonetsk so will go the war? As has gone Mariupol so will go Sievierdonetsk?

Ukrainian troops Sievierdonetsk now in a pocket. NO line of retreat possible! Hold until relieved and when will that be?

"A pocket is a group of combat forces that have been isolated by opposing forces from their logistical base and other friendly forces. In mobile warfare, such as blitzkrieg, salients were more likely to be cut off into pockets, which became the focus of battles of annihilation."

"Russia destroys the last bridge to Sievierdonetsk, cutting off Ukrainian defenders and Russian advance"

From Peter Weber, Senior editor June 14, 2022.

"Russian forces and artillery have pushed Ukrainian defenders out of the center of Sievierodonetsk, one of Ukraine's last strongholds in eastern Luhansk province, and damaged the third and final bridge connecting Sievierodonetsk to its twin city Lysychansk and supply lines to the west, Ukrainian officials said late Monday. 'It is currently impossible to use the bridges,' said Luhansk regional governor Serhiy Haidai."

"Russia destroyed the second of the three bridges over the weekend, and with all three now unusable it will be 'difficult, but not impossible,' to resupply Ukraine's embattled defenders with food, weapons, ammunition, and reserve troops, Haidai said."

The "pocket" Sievierdonetsk needing basic essentials for survival:

Continued resupply to include: 1. Food. 2. Ammunition. 3. Water. 4. Medical supplies [evacuation of the wounded if possible].

See from the Internet web site "Strategy Page" an article how the pocket Mariupol was to the most basic extent supplied by helicopter relief operation.

Sounds grim! Very grim!


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