Wednesday, June 8, 2022


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DENY Black Sea ports to the Ukrainian. Grain shipments as an export worldwide even when a cessation of hostilities going to be difficult if next to impossible!

Courtesy and the tip from Freeper. 

"Ukraine's Third Largest Exporting Terminal Destroyed By Russian Military"

Such action can only be seen as cruel and malicious, done with spite and anger.

"Over the weekend, Russia also destroyed a major Ukrainian grain export terminal in Mykolaiv (southern Ukraine). Russia’s attack on Ukraine’s grain infrastructure came after last week saying it was open to allowing grain exports via 'humanitarian corridors' from Ukrainian ports has heightened global supply concerns"


"Traders and farmers, with the support of the Ukrainian government and neighboring nations, are seeking alternative routes to export those grains to stave off global food shortages and relieve soaring prices. But the new routes are longer, often backlogged and more expensive. The challenge is complicated by stretched infrastructure and continued Russian attacks on bridges and railways."

I would think exports of Ukrainian grain VERY important. Shortfall of grain supply worldwide in the short-term and in the long-term going to create a problem [you can reasonably suggest the problem already exists] for which there is going to be no easy remedy. Ukrainian grain sent to international market only at the sufferance of the Russian AGAIN even with a conclusion to the current war.

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