Monday, June 6, 2022


This is coolbert:

“The man in charge at the time openly bragged to me how he loved to shoot anything because he was authorized to do so, and he especially liked trying to get the cats”

The American military man acting badly? The devoted reader to the blog has to decide for themselves.

From the controlled [?] Russian Internet media outlet Sputnik and thanks to same.

Sputnik International 05.06.2022

"'He Bragged How He Loved to Shoot Anything': Cats Shot Dead at US Air Force Base in South Korea"

"While the felines were apparently shot under the auspices of a program aimed at preventing birds and animals from posing a threat to aircraft safety, it looks like even creatures that did not pose a risk to aircraft were killed."

"A number of feral cats [domestic cats gone wild] ended up being shot dead by military personnel at the US Air Force’s Kunsan Air Base in South Korea, The Korea Herald reports."

"According to the newspaper, the cats were shot with pellet guns by personnel participating in the Bird/Wildlife Aircraft Striking Hazard (BASH) program, a person who participated in the effort back in 2020 explained."

BASH extremely dangerous to aircraft, military and civilian, landing and take-off. Obvious. Collision [primarily with bird life] can bring down even a very large airplane.

Read from the wiki an instance of BASH mitigation involving the culling [shooting] of laughing gulls. Success deemed only adequate.

Capture in live traps of the feral cats and euthanizing the animals would have been a better course of action!


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