Sunday, August 11, 2013


This is coolbert:

From a previous blog entry, that Russian T-90 tank able to engage targets with a variety of ordnance:

"That T-90 able to fire an anti-tank guided-missile [ATGM] and also on demand a surface-air-missile [SAM]."

It seems that I am part right and part wrong.

The T-90 able to engage a target with an anti-tank guided-missile [ATGM]. This ATGM the Russian AT-11 Sniper [Sniper the NATO code name]. Sniper fired from the main gun of the T-90, NOT as I might have thought an ATGM mounted outside the tank. No need for the crew to expose themselves in case of reloading to fire another ATGM.

There NOT EXISTING A DEDICATED SAM AS FIRED BY THE T-90. Sniper also able to engage enemy low-flying aircraft, I would think almost exclusively Sniper used to engage a hovering enemy attack helicopter.

"The 9M119 Svir and 9M119M Refleks are laser beam riding, guided anti-tank missiles developed in the former Soviet Union. The two missiles are similar, but vary in range and launch platform. Both are designed to be fired from smooth bore 125 mm tank and anti-tank gun  (2A45, 2A46 and 2A46M). Their NATO reporting name is AT-11 Sniper."

2A45 that "Sprut-B anti-tank gun."

Sprut a direct fire anti-tank gun that fires the same [?] rounds as does the T-90 tank? To include the Sniper ATGM?

"The Refleks missile . . . It has an effective range of 100 m to 6 km . . . Refleks . . . can also engage low-flying air targets such as helicopters"

That range of the AT-11 having an effectiveness of up to or beyond 4,000 meters. The T-90 using that ATGM able to out-range with an anti-tank round the main gun of the Abrams? This is my instantaneous reaction. Abrams not having a counter to the AT-11 at a distinct disadvantage during a tank battle when arrayed against the T-90?

Here from a forum a response:

"The T-90 cannot destroy an Abrams with the AT-11 ATGM. Though it outranges the ammunition the Abrams can fire, that is a moot point for two reasons, one, most tank v. tank engagement zones in Europe do not extend past 800 m, and two, if the T-90 were able to land an ATGM on the Abrams (remember the Abrams can move out of the LOS or deploy it's smoke grenades, both of which will successfully counter an ATGM), it would not do any catastrophic damage to the Abrams if it hits (unless for some reason it hit the rear side of the Abrams which is a statistical improbability). Thus, the ATGM of the T-90 would be ineffective against the Abrams."

Tank duels in the desert or steppe land however quite capable of occurring at ranges beyond 800 meters? In such an instance the T-90 might very well dominate the Abrams? Devoted readers to the blog have thoughts on this matter?


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