Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This is coolbert:

From the Israeli web site Ynet we have these items.

That situation in the Middle East most intense and with the possibility of becoming more drastic very soon.

To an extent this is 1914 all over again? An action will beget a reaction and so forth, the consequences most profound and not desirable.

From Ynet:
1. "West: No decision yet on Syria attack"

"White House says Obama yet to decide on response to alleged chemical attack by Assad regime; British PM Cameron also says no decision taken but world cannot 'stand idly by'"

2. "Western coalition to attack Syria"

"Analysis: Kerry's statement was unequivocal. There are 2 possible courses of action: Striking chemical weapons reserves or attacking Syrian army, regime establishments. How will Assad act against Israel, what will Russia do?"

3. "Top Syrian official: Tel Aviv will be hit if Damascus attacked"

"Senior Assad army officer tells Iranian news agency 'Israel will also be set on fire' if war waged against Syria"

4. "Netanyahu warns of 'strong Israeli response' if attacked by Syria"

"PM, Israeli top brass hold special meeting on Syria issue, on eve of Western strike against Assad. 'Israel is prepared for every scenario,' Netanyahu says"

That action and reaction to include:

* Allied forces attack the Syrian.
* Syria retaliates against Israel.
* Israel retaliates against Syria.
* Hezbollah acts as a proxy for Iran.

And in turn the Russian will respond HOW?

We shall see or will the proverbial cooler heads prevail!


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