Monday, August 26, 2013

Four Levels.

This is coolbert:

Originally from the Fred Reed "Fred on Everything" web site as extracted with commentary:


"A Voice From The Past"

"This column was written at about the time of the first attempt [1993] at bombing the World Trade Center. I'm republishing it untouched":

There existing the four levels of bio-terrorism. The nation-state or the ingenious and determined terrorist hell-bent on murder and mayhem the death of many millions the objective on an apocalyptic scale, Biblical in proportions .

"There exist at least four reasonably distinct levels of possible biological attack."

1. "The first is . . . in which no real organisms are used."

A threat made but no biological organisms present. NO casualties.

2. "The second level consists in the release of real bacteria or viruses, but without the intention of infecting many people."

Real bad germ stuff used but not in a large enough amount to infect a lot of folks. Terrorizes more than anything else. Some casualties.

3. "The third level consists in trying to get a lot of people sick, and maybe dead, but not necessarily to start a self-sustaining epidemic."

More massive numbers of casualties but not sustained and widespread.

4. "The fourth level consists of a self-sustaining, unstoppable epidemic sweeping the nation."

Lots of casualties and widespread dissemination.

AND AS for that authoritative and knowledgeable source that Fred is familiar with and provided background material for the article we find the name of Steve Hatfill:

"A fellow I know is Steve Hatfill, a medical doctor with years of experience in the Third World, and therefore with the diseases to be found there"

Again that original article by Mr. Reed from just after the first attack on the NYC WTC [1993]. The name of Steve Hatfill known to only a certain select few. AND in the aftermath of the anthrax attacks of 2001, bio-agent delivered via the mail to unsuspecting targets. Mr. Hatfill as the prime suspect for a number of years to follow. Mr. Hatfill a person of interest what they are called but ultimately exonerated.

Mr. Hatfill indeed noted on several occasions embellishing or falsifying his military credentials, academic background and degrees but nonetheless a man having a profound [?] understanding of bio-warfare!


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