Wednesday, September 1, 2021


This is coolbert:

From Bayou Renaissance Man an update, the evacuation from Afghan continues.

"Some boots-on-the-ground information out of Afghanistan"

First paragraph as copied in entirety:

"I [Bayou Renaissance Man] didn't say anything about 'unofficial" operations going on in Afghanistan while our forces were still there, because feedback reaching me was that there was extreme tension between the US military command there and independent groups that were doing what US troops had been forbidden to do.  Basically, our troops on the ground actively supported and encouraged what the unofficial groups were trying to do, while their senior commanders appear to have been under orders to not only discourage it, but actively interfere with it and shut it down wherever possible."

I recommend devoted readers to the blog read the Bayou Renaissance entire article. Official evacuation from Afghan has ended. UNOFFICIAL evacuation has NOT ENDED.

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Afghan special operations elite military personnel doomed to death if caught by the Taliban. Their evacuation from Afghan a necessity. Special ops guys too have real guts.


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