Monday, September 20, 2021

SEA 1000.

This is coolbert:

SEA 1000 = The Australian Navy project to replace the current Collins class submarines currently in the inventory.

Analysis first by Corporal Frisk:

1. "A Pounding in the Pacific"

"In a move that sent shock-waves around the Pacific Ocean, Australia is bound to become the third-largest operator of nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSN’s). But let’s start from the beginning."

Corporal Frisk his analysis of WHY the Australian reasoning to go with nuclear submarines instructive.

Further as described by Corporal Frisk:

"The triple [AUKUSA] pact announced between the US-UK-Australia is far from a submarine deal, but rather a comprehensive security package including a number of practical steps, announced arms deals, and general security cooperation on an increased level"

Again correct. Think the pact [AUKUSA] not merely about submarines. Something more major.

Secondly from Commander Salamander further comment the AUKUSA security pact:

2. "AUKUS and the Nuclear Roo". Roo as in kangaroo.

"I guess this is submarine week at CDR Salamander, because right after the Wednesday post, the Anglosphere decided to wake everyone up"

That Anglosphere generally describes the English speaking nations of Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain.

3. See from Twitter the Royal Australian Navy [RAN] their historical experience with submarines not so happy or glorious.

Thanks here in all cases to the various contributors, the Corporal and the Commander both.


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