Tuesday, September 21, 2021


This is coolbert:

"assuage: To make (something burdensome or painful) less intense or severe: synonym: relieve. To appease or calm."

Solution has been found? As proposed? Rather, damage already done, no amelioration possible?

From Freeper and thanks to same, the original article by Tom Rogan the Washington Examiner.

"Why the US should offer to buy France's submarines for Vietnam"

"The United States would achieve three objectives by purchasing a number of Shortfin Barracuda submarines from France and then giving them to Vietnam. First, the Biden administration would repair relations with America's oldest ally. Second, it would supply a rising security partner with newly potent means of challenging China's imperialism. Third, it would test President Emmanuel Macron's commitment to international security in the South China Sea"

Vietnam of course has territorial claims in the South China Sea that overlap and are in dispute with the Chinese "Nine-Dash" line. 

All of this is a tongue-in-cheek for laughs and grins?

"tongue-in-cheek: adjective. Meant or expressed ironically or facetiously. Not intended seriously; jocular or humorous. Cleverly amusing in tone."

USA and Vietnam as hand-in-glove? Stranger things have occurred in the course of geo-political grand strategical considerations. Somehow I doubt any of this will ever come to pass.


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