Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Panjshir II.


This is coolbert:

From various Russian Internet media outlets.

Fighting in the Panjshir valley continues? Fighting in the Panjshir valley is all over?

The Pashtun Taliban have defeated once and for all the Tajik?

See my previous blog entry Tajik resistance to full and complete Taliban dominion in Afghan.

1. "Afghan resistance rejects Taliban claims of gaining ‘full control’ of Panjshir province"

2. "‘War has ended’ in Afghanistan, Taliban says, despite resistance’s claims that Panjshir Valley is still not lost"

3. "Afghan Resistance Forces Accuse Pakistan of Providing Air, Ground Support to the Taliban in Panjshir"

Afghan a tribal nation now and has always been so. A strong central government never has worked in Afghan and probably never will. Pashtun heavy-handed rule will only result in civil war and further destruction. Even if the Tajik defeated NOW, don't count on them and other groups  going out quietly.


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