Wednesday, September 15, 2021


This is coolbert:

Place this one in the category of strange but true?

Thanks to the Internet web site Zero Hedge and the article by Tyler Durden.

"Footage of a war exercise in the busy streets of Latvia's capital, Riga, shows heavily armed soldiers firing assault rifles among frightened residents."

"According to RT News, videos of a field training exercise in Riga were first published online on Saturday morning, have since gone viral. Dozens of heavily armed soldiers conducted what appears to be urban warfare training, firing weapons with blank rounds.

This is MOUT [Military Operations Urban Terrain] exercise with the actual civilians present as it would be in real war. And was UNANNOUNCED? Many of those citizens probably thought it was as real invasion or terrorists at work. Could have caused read panic of no good to anyone.

MOUT you usually need mock-facilities [urban terrain] and a lot of preparation for training the troops in the actual techniques and methodology of urban warfare. Seems to be a rather poor degree of preparation in this instance, Latvian personnel their performance seems to have been in a less than professional manner. 


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