Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sarov & Khabarovsk.

This is coolbert:

From MARCO POLO through Harry.

More and further clarification regarding Status-6 and the dedicated delivery vehicles for same:

"The two submarines shown are 'Sarov' (smaller) and '[Khabarovsk' (larger). Both are nuclear-powered, and the carriers of the 'Status-6' underwater nuclear delivery vehicle. The 'Sarov' was launched in 2007, while the 'Khabarovsk' is under construction.  The title of the explanatory diagram says 'Oceanic Multi-Purpose system {Status-6}, and the secondary title below says 'Principal Producer -- Design Bureau 'Rubin''"

     "The torpedo shown is the core of the system. It is about 80 feet long [24 meters], propelled by a nuclear reactor, which means that its range is almost unlimited, maintaining the speed of one hundred knots or more. The yield of its warhead is estimated to be one hundred megatons [100 MT] or so.  The submarine 'Khabarovsk' will perhaps carry six of the super torpedoes. She is likely to be of the size a little shorter than the SLBM Boleys [Borey], and without missile tubes. She will perhaps carry those torpedoes externally."

Those submarines specifically designed to carry the Status-6 to within range of the target! Sarov B-90 reputedly a conventionally powered diesel/electric boat with an embedded smaller nuclear reactor for back-up purposes and able to recharge battery power without surfacing or snorkeling.


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