Wednesday, December 9, 2015

7 December Russia.

This is coolbert:

From MARCO POLO through Harry:

"on the morning of Dec. 7th (at 10:40 am local time), there was a catastrophic explosion on board a warship at the Saint Petersberg 'Severnaya' Dockyard."

     "The warship is an Algerian Koni-class anti-submarine frigate (1,900 tons), under repair in one of the dry-docks. The explosion took place in her boiler room. As this ship has CODOG (combined diesel or gas-turbine) propulsion, in my opinion, it must be her auxiliary boiler that had exploded."

    "One person was killed, and four were injured."

"The 'Koni' is a NATO name. The official Soviet classification is 'Project 1159'. She is a very heavily armed anti-submarine frigate. All the fourteen units built were exported to foreign countries. The Soviets retained one to train foreign crew on board. Algeria took three.  The dockyard has formed a three-man board to investigate the cause of the explosion."

Thank you MARCO and Harry!


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