Friday, December 4, 2015


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Michael Morell the retired Deputy Director of American Central Intelligence is again being interviewed. His concern this time is commercial and freeware encryption available to terrorists that enable the villains to communicate surreptitiously and secure. Morrell advocating that commercial entities INCLUDE in their product a means by which law enforcement and intelligence agencies can gain access to encrypted message traffic of the jihadist.

Backdoors what they are called  recommended and advocated BUT WILL IT BE ENOUGH!

Thanks courtesy of The Hacker News:

"Would Encryption Backdoor Stop Paris-like Terror Attacks?"

"With 129 people killed in Paris terror attacks and dozens critically wounded, the law enforcement and intelligence officials are reviving their efforts to force companies to put some backdoors in encryption so that they can access your information."

Jihadists to include those of the Islamic State technologically adept and knowledgeable in computer science ALREADY writing their own computer encryption software. ISIL and the jihadist very careful and wary, aware of backdoors and trapdoors!

Jihadist's Home-Brewed Encryption Softwares: [to include but not limited to]

Terrorist groups and jihadists were already making use of – and developing – secure communications software like:

1. Asrar al-Mujahideen (Message and File Encryption Software)

2. Asrar Al-Dardashah (Encryption for Instant-messaging Services)

3. Tashfeer Al-Jawwal (Mobile Encryption Program)

4. Amn al-Mujahid (Android-based Message Encryption software)

Never underestimate the jihadist! These people are bright, adept, and dedicated.


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