Thursday, December 17, 2015

Project 20180.

This is coolbert:

From a previous blog entry FINALLY ALSO with regard to the Status-6 and thanks to Capt. Chris:

"Project 20180 Zvezdochka was commissioned on 24 July 2010, and the ship has been linked to naval weapon system development and to B-90 Sarov in Russian language sources"

"Auxiliary ships of the project 20180"

This is not the Zvezdochka. Is the civilian and research vessel of the class.

"All projects of the family 20180 were developed in the Saint Petersburg CMDB 'Diamond' under the AA Forst. By the time the true created three projects on a common base: rescue tug (Project 20180), Naval Weapons (20180TV etc.) and marine support vessel (Project 20183) . . . It is planned to build a family of 5-6 ships 20180, created for different tasks."

That naval version of this ocean-going tug specifically having a mission to service the two submarines carrying the super-torpedo? DEDICATED AND MISSION SPECIFIC SUBMARINES REQUIRE A TUG THAT IS DEDICATED AND MISSION SPECIFIC?


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