Thursday, December 17, 2015


This is coolbert:

Beginning a series of blog entries the topic the purported Russian super-torpedo and those submarines dedicated delivery systems for same.

Thanks to Harry for the further info, the soap to nuts aspect of Status-6:

First from MARCO POLO:

"Western media reported a few days ago that U.S. undersecretary of state Ms. Rose Gottenmoeller had stated that the United States had not known about Russia's nuclear undersea delivery system when the U.S. and Russia negotiated the New START Treaty."

Then from CAPT. CHRIS:

"It would be difficult to comment on what Ms. Gottenmoeller, or the State Department, knew and when prior to the conclusion of the negotiations for New START that was signed in Prague in April 2010. However, the Project 20120 Sarov (B-90) submarine was launched on 14 December 2007 from Shop 42 at the Sevmash Shipyard and commissioned on 7 August 2008. The Russians announced that Sarov was a technology demonstrator test bed for new weapon systems and advanced propulsion system concepts. By 2009 there were several Russian language blogs and articles that talked about the large weapons hatch in the bow."

    "The Project 20180 Zvezdochka support ship, often called a rescue tug, was launched on 20 December 2007 from Shop 15 at the Zvezdochka Shipbuilding and Repair Center. The ship's described functions ranged from 'Sea transport, handling, maintenance testing of marine equipment, arms and weapons;' to 'Search and rescue operations.' Project 20180 Zvezdochka was commissioned on 24 July 2010, and the ship has been linked to naval weapon system development and to B-90 Sarov in Russian language sources. Were individuals within the US government aware of these two vessels and their reported functions before the signing of New START in early 2010? Absolutely, the information I cited above was easily available from a number of English and Russian unclassified sources, both Internet and in print.  I followed both of them as part of my regular duties before my retirement in 2010. So hints as to this new weapon system was out there, and assessments were written on the various possibilities. Apparently the assessments weren't read, or more likely, believed by senior Obama administration people. The idea of a huge nuclear torpedo with a monster warhead is a bit on the fantastic side of things."

Fantastic indeed!

That super-torpedo with super-warhead as carried by super-submarines, to be deployed and able to deliver ordnance on target in time of global thermonuclear war!!


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