Wednesday, December 9, 2015


This is coolbert:

Michael Morell, former Deputy Director of American Central Intelligence is again being interviewed on the Charlie Rose program.

According to Mr. Morell:

* The situation in Syria and Iraq at this exact moment is quite favorable to the Islamic State [ISIL] recruiter.

1. We are striking the enemy, the infidel in his own land. Paris and now perhaps even the USA are under attack by our people.

2. Let them attempt to re-take Mosul [Iraq]. "We need you there and now."

This approach and appeal especially conducive I might think to those idealistic persons, foreign nationals not native to the regions but part of the umma [the Islamic world-wide community].

* STALEMATE vis-a-vis the Islamic State is NOT AN OPTION. Such an eventuality is defeat for those in opposition to ISIL.

When Mr. Morell speaks we should listen?


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Unknown said...

I remember a chapter in a book about Richard Lionheart whe he was about to take jerusalem, there was a quote that goes something like this "we have a lot of cavalry so we could take the city with ease, but we don't have many soldiers on foot so we wouldn't be able to hold it"

The main problem as it has been from times of Richard Lionheart, is that heavy firepower and bombing operations alone won't be able to do much. As it has been stated here, there's a great need of boots on the ground to truly consolidate any gain.