Tuesday, December 1, 2015


This is coolbert:

See item # 4 from this previous blog entry regarding the intrusion of Russian warplanes into Israeli air space:

"Israel: Russian Aircraft Breached Our Airspace"

"Israeli defense minister Moshe 'Bogey' Ya’alon confirmed Sunday that Russian military aircraft, on at least one occasion, have breached Israeli airspace–without confrontation. 'When we understood that the Russians were planning to act inside Syria, we immediately met–also the prime minister–with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, including the [Israeli] chief of staff and the assistant chief of staff…we created an open channel for coordination so as to prevent misunderstandings, because Russian planes are not trying to attack us and therefore it is not necessary to automatically–even if there is a mistake–to shoot them down,'”

ONLY on one occasion. And NO confrontation. OH, be glad for that! If this becomes a habit however, look out!

Within the context of Russian intruder aircraft violating Israeli air space that name "Bogey" takes on a special significance.

"bogey - - Military. an unidentified aircraft or missile, especially one detected as a blip on a radar screen."


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