Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sarov B-90.

This is coolbert:

Here with details of the Russian Sarov class submarine. Designed so is the allegation SPECIFICALLY [?] TO DELIVER THE SUPER-TORPEDO STATUS-6.

 "The Sarov class is a submarine class built by Russia. There is a single boat of the class, the Sarov itself. It serves to test and develop new technologies and new weaponry for the Russian Navy. It was first revealed publicly when details of the boat were published by accident on the Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod region's local government website as part of an account of a meeting with its commander"

The Sarov B-90 has been floated. That hump behind the sail normally would be filled with some sort of missile or missiles?

"The hull of the Sarov is believed to be based on the Kilo class submarine. In common with that class, it has a diesel electric power system, although it is believed that a small nuclear reactor is also installed . . . [that] may produce electricity to recharge the conventional battery system, greatly extending the underwater endurance of the submarine."

 Another view of the Sarov as it takes to the water!

"The submarine was designed by Federal State Unitary Enterprise Central Design Bureau for Maritime Technology (Rubin in St Petersburg) in 1989."

Details published by accident! Details of both the submarine and the Status-6 published by accident! So they tell us. Or deliberate misinformation designed to scare!!


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